KIND members of the public have left messages of thanks etched on the path outside of Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

The messages thank the NHS staff who will continue to work hard whilst ‘lockdown’ is enforced and has brought happiness and pride to those who work in the life-saving service.

Matt Wells, a customer service officer contracted by the trust, said: “The message is a small yet defining message to those who are working against all the odds, in the face of something our generation has never experienced.”

Matt had taken a different route to the one he would usually take after getting off the bus on his way to work.

“On the first day of lockdown my journey to work was unsettlingly quiet.

“It was almost as if the moment was made for me to photograph it, it was humbling to see such a simple yet effective way of saying thank you.

“Especially because where it has been placed is almost directly in line of where this crisis is unfolding.”