Police in the Cotswolds have hit out at those ignoring government guidelines and are failing to confirm with social distancing.

Despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordering everyone to stay at home, officers have dealt with a number of people engaging in non-essential trips into Malmesbury.

Officers were out at an unnamed location in the Cotswolds yesterday afternoon and found 15 people from all over the country bird watching a rare bird.

They had arrived with long sighted cameras and binoculars.

Details of all 15 people were taken by officers before they were politely told to go home.

On checking where they had travelled from, they had come from Birmingham, Swindon, Gloucester, Cheltenham and some from local Cotswold areas. 

A spokesman for the force said: "This is not acceptable nor condoned by the RSPB.

"Strong words of advice given.

"The message is 'Stay Home, Save Lives'."