CHRIS Roberts shares Fairford's latest news.

Fairford Town Council has divided the town into 18 zones consisting of roughly 100 houses in each and they wish to appoint a volunteer coordinator into each area.

So far there are 10 coordinators in place and these will shortly be delivering a leaflet through doors to introduce themselves.

The council will share the current volunteer details with the relevant coordinator as well as the details of those that require support, as well as preparing volunteer packs which contain contact log sheets, advice on keeping safe, gloves and communication details.

Areas that are still in need of a coordinator are:

  • West End Gardens/Saxon Way area,
  • High Street/The Croft/The Orchard,
  • London Road/Manor Close,
  • Churchill Place/The Quarry.

Coordinators will be the first point of contact for all the volunteers in their area and will match up those who need help with those who can offer help.

Help and support will be provided by the council to all volunteers as the situation unfolds.

If you think you could be a coordinator in your area email: