PEOPLE across Malmesbury have been showing community spirit by pulling together to support those self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic.

A website has been launched, where people can offer their assistance to help vulnerable residents and those in self-isolation by simply filling out a contact form.

The form asks for your name, email address, and what help/services you can offer to people in isolation.

Vulnerable residents and those in self-isolation in and around Malmesbury can then visit the website and access a list of people, along with the services they can offer and their contact details.

14-year-old Ben Thornbury launched the site on Saturday and already 54 people have signed up to help.

He said: “So far it has gone great, people are really thankful.

“Already, there has been comments from people self-isolating saying it has been really handy.

“It’s about putting people in contact, and making sure they are not alone.”

Help with shopping, dog walking, collecting prescriptions and daily errands are among a number of services offered so far by generous residents.

Ben monitors the site and adds new people to the list every day.

However, he understands that many elderly residents don’t own computers and don’t have access to the internet.

Ben plans on getting leaflets made for those without internet access, with the hope of placing them in the town hall.

To visit the site, go to