IT has become evident both from my own experience and that of other of your correspondents that there must be growing doubt as to whether or not Stroud actually has an MP.

I was hoping that perhaps you could ask your readers if any of them has ever seen her and how she might be contacted, particularly any of those thousands of local people who bizarrely voted for her.

Having received a copy and read her “in touch” publication early last December I was delighted to become aware of her intentions re’ “improving transport” particularly that she is going to restore railway lines taken away by a Tory predecessor.

She went on to say that “public transport needs an overhaul here” and she is going to do it whilst at the same time “making driving easy” whatever that means and “fighting for clean air”.

Unless any of those who voted for her can help me out as to what the above means, perhaps they can explain why having written to her on the 15th December last year I am still waiting for a reply.

Again to her supporters, how bad do the local roads have to get before you actually accept that it is a Tory administration locally and nationally that for 10 years has been able to do something about “making driving easy” but have chosen not to?

Just remember, that in a democracy which is what we are supposed to be in, even though the majority of the electorate didn’t vote for her she is supposed to represent us all, so again perhaps you could give me a clue as to when she might start?

Howard Price