"Over 60's and the Coronavirus.

The World Health Organisation advice to the over 60's is to stay away from crowds and public transport, in this country we are all expected to work up to the age of 66, so how does this work? How can we stay away from crowded places, when we work in hospitals, shops, care homes etc., How can we stay away from public transport when we need to travel to work?

People are being advised to work from home where they can, we can't look after sick patients, the elderly, or serve customers at home!

If we're sent into quarantine, who pays the bills? Same question if we have to self-isolate? We don't go to work we don't get paid, we can't claim SSP as we're not yet sick.

We can't claim SSP unless we earn enough when we do get sick.

Many over 60's are caring for their elderly parents, going out to work we could be carriers, no matter how many times we wash our hands.

It is time the government gave assurances to the over 60's who appear to be in the vulnerable category as this virus strikes.

It is time the government took responsibility in protecting the vulnerable over 60's."

Anne Hanley