ENVISAGE Beauty Salon in Cirencester have decided to remove all gossip magazines within the salon after the death of Caroline Flack.

The presenter's death has prompted an overwhelming demand for better treatment of celebrities on social media and in the press.

Georgia Holden, 21, led the idea: "Words can have a very negative impact, hearing terms like fat or skinny will make you feel awful"

"If someone told me that I looked fat I would think about it over and over again, repeating it in my head, and it would really upset me," said Georgia, Beauty Therapist at Envisage.

"In gossip magazines you'll read the same type of thing over and over again and most of the time the things that have been written aren't even true.

Sharon Scrivens, salon manager, said: "Gossip magazines just slag celebrities off, they circle their bellies with giant arrows pointing their flaws out, and as a society we just don't need it."

"It's sad that it has taken something this dreadful to happen to make us realise just how much of an impact negative comments make.

"We're providing alternatives, like puzzles and short stories to provide items that will have a more positive impact on wellbeing.

The salon has had a great response from clients and employees, coming forward with alternatives for the material.

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