Thanks David

I was humbled and delighted at the same time to read in your Letters Page last week the letter from David Drew in which he again showed his great generosity of spirit and his care for others that he has given to the people of Stroud over 13 years and more. His letter was not about himself, but about the people of the Stroud area whom he has helped so much.

We know how tirelessly and graciously he has worked, and he has given hugely of himself; Stroud has plenty to thank him for.

He has worked so well in partnership with Stroud District Council which is, itself, a nationally praised council and, together, working with local groups and organisations, they are making a real difference in the Stroud area to the lives of our communities. He will be an impossible act to follow.

With my friends and relatives in Stroud, I thank him and salute him and we are pleased that he will still be living here and so remain a great asset locally.

Linda Woolley

Tetbury ( formerly of Toadsmoor and Chalford Hill)