COTSWOLD District Council has launched a major campaign to raise awareness of the issue of fly-tipping throughout the area.

Earlier this week the council adopted the SCRAP Campaign, originally created by the Hertfordshire Fly Tipping Group, which has run successfully in other areas of the country, it uses know-how and resources from many local authorities to raise awareness of the issue among the wider public.

In the coming weeks, Cotswold District Council will be running an online campaign aimed at informing residents and businesses about the law and their obligations around fly-tipping.

It will highlight key information, such as how to check for a waste carrier’s licence and information and advice on how to dispose of different types of waste.

Cllr Andrew Doherty, Cabinet Member for Waste, Flooding and Environmental Health, said: “Fly-tipping is a national problem and one that has a significant impact on both our communities and our environment.

"It is an issue that, as a Council, we take very seriously and we will look to tackle offenders head-on.

“We hope that through this campaign we can raise awareness of the issue, and help to educate our residents and businesses on how to properly dispose of their waste through the appropriate channels.”

The campaign will also inform residents on how to report a fly-tip and the penalties that will be given to those who are caught.

Nationally, fly-tipping is on the rise and is reflected in the district with Council operatives regularly called to investigate and clear unsightly rubbish that has been dumped illegally, often on farmland or roadsides.

The Council’s campaign is being supported by Gloucestershire Police, who are often called to deal with instances of fly-tipping in the district, and the National Farmers Union, whose members are often negatively impacted by these incidents.