We have lived and run a Acorns Nursery School in Cirencester since 2005 and began a secondary business called Mighty Oaks which provides primary school children with before, after school and holiday care.

All combined we provide a daily service for about 200 families in and in the holidays this reaches out further into the surrounding environs.

Throughout our time here, car parking has threatened the viability of our business many times.

And so, it was a great relief to hear about the multi-storey at Waterloo.

This seemed like an inspired position - really central but not affecting a huge amount of residents as it is tucked away and flanked by the Abbey Grounds on one side.

However, I’ve recently noticed that the word of mouth around the car parking has gone a little quiet – I assumed this was because the Waterloo Car Park was underway but now I hear rumours that this may not be the case.

I am worried we may be going backwards, back to the drawing board, which will be a major set back to business owners still recovering from the loss of trade resulting from the market square developments.

We are now feeling the positive affect of this bold step so hopefully the town generally can recognise that there is ’no pain no gain’.

There may be some objections to a multi-storey but the greater good will definitely be served long term.

I am sure the market square has made our town more desirable and increased numbers try to come in.

Unfortunately, where are they all to park?

As a resident and owner of a thriving business in Cirencester, I whole heartedly support a new car park.

My customers, friends and relatives are constantly complaining about the lack of provision and the stress, wasted time, congestion and pollution caused by cars constantly spending their time trying to find a parking space.

In fact, last week, one of the ladies viewing the nursery as a prospective client said she had trawled through several of the nearest car parks only to end up at Forum.

Clearly, our provision is critically low. I know people who used to come to Cirencester regularly but now they chose other places instead due to driving round looking for a parking place in vain too many times.

I am worried that our business and Cirencester’s other businesses, shops and restaurants will suffer an escalating decline if something isn’t down about it.

As with the market square, difficult but positive decisions sometimes need to be committed to in order for our town to keep up with the times and thrive.

I realise we’re in a climate emergency but the council have declared that this car park would be carbon neutral, it will have EVP parking, cycle parking and long overdue changing places.

It also makes complete sense to me to allow as much parking as possible to be focused in one place (on the edge of town) so that in time, if we have less cars, we can start to re-generate those other car parks in the centre of town.

I know I speak for many both in Cirencester and especially from the surrounding villages when I say – we want a new car park, and we want it now!

Miles Guerrini

Managing director

Acorns Nursery School, Cirencester