A MULTI award-winning children’s author who has written 70 children’s books, has re-opened Rodmarton Primary School’s refurbished library.

Tracey Corderoy whose books include Baddies, Beasties and a Sprinkling of Crumbs, The Grunt and The Grouch, and Hubble Bubble Granny Trouble, joined headteacher Caroline Musty, teachers and pupils to declare the library officially open.

Tracey then gave a presentation about writing before reading some of her stories to the pupils.

Teaching assistants Amanda Jessop and Grace Withey have led the refurbishment and update.

Mrs Jessop said: “We decided, along with the parents, to give the library a face lift and inject some new life into it.

"We want the children to become even more excited and enthusiastic about reading and to further develop research skills.

"We are also fortunate to have a great outdoor space and we would like to incorporate that with the library , encouraging outdoor reading opportunities.”

Miss Withey added: “We have more than 100 new books that have been generously donated by the parents and we now have a computerised lending system which we have trained all our pupil librarians to use.

"They even have proper job descriptions!

"The library will be open at playtime and lunchtime every day for pupils to borrow books and we are also setting up a lunchtime library club.”

The library building can also be used as an additional classroom and the small school, which has 66 pupils, hopes to secure funding to enable it to open the library to both pupils and the local community during the school holidays.

Opening the library, Tracey Corderoy said: “When I was growing up, libraries were invaluable. The books I discovered waiting on their shelves took me on countless adventures. They filled my mind with friends and colour, and opened it to possibilities.

“The new library at Rodmarton School will bring the same joy that I had all those years ago, and still get now when I curl up with a book, to the children here. I’m thrilled to be opening this new library today. Long live our reading adventures!”

Headteacher Caroline Musty said: “Huge thanks must go to Mrs Jessop and Miss Withey for all their hard work to make this happen, and to the many parents who have given up their spare time to help us get the library up and running again. We are also very grateful to Tracey for coming to officially open the new library for us.

“As a small school, we are extremely lucky to have our very own library and it’s such a wonderful resource for our pupils to have on site. Libraries are fantastic spaces for children to experience new ideas and get lost in amazing stories. We are so grateful for the help we have received in both refurbishing the space and in resourcing it with a wide range of new books.”