WHEN police knocked on the door of drug dealer David Burgess in Cirencester, the 58-year-old told officers that they would find what they were looking for behind the kitchen door, a court heard on Friday.

Prosecutor Naomi Alywyn told Gloucester crown court that the police had gone to Burgess' home in Siddington Road on June 24, 2019 following a tip-off.

Ms Alywyn said: “An officer located the holdall as directed and discovered that it contained 74.3 grams of cannabis, which had a street value of £744 and associated drug paraphernalia including weighing scales and a mobile phone that after examination, had evidence of drug dealing on it.

“Burgess told police he was no longer working and was selling the drugs to friends as a form of income.”

Burgess admitted possession of the cannabis and intending to supply the class B drugs.

Natalie Goffe defending said: “Burgess is suffering from ill health. He was diagnosed with heart disease in 2014 and following a stroke he has been unable to work.

“Up and until Burgess reached the age 53 he was hard working, but when his health deteriorated he didn’t claim benefits and used his savings to live on.

“However, this money has since been exhausted, which is why he resorted to what he did.

“Burgess has shown remorse for his actions and wants to move forward. A prison sentence would set his recovery back. “

Judge Michael Cullum said to Burgess: “There was a gap of 24 years before you reoffended in 2015 also for dealing in class B drugs.

“Of the latest offence you had a significant role in which you were benefitting financially from it.

“However, I believe there is scope for you to be rehabilitated, so I am prepared to suspend the sentence.”

The judge sentenced Burgess to 14 months in prison, suspended for 18 months, and ordered him to attend 30 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

The Judge also ordered for the forfeiture of the phone and the destruction of the drugs and paraphernalia.