With the dust now settled on the recent general election result, and as the commentariat endlessly pore over the entrails, it’s important to place the result here in Stroud in some kind of perspective.

Nationally, Labour’s share of the vote fell by around 8 per cent. In great contrast, when we take plausibly into account the number of potential Labour voters who instead voted Green on December 12, Labour’s vote here in Stroud only fell by something between 2 and 3 per cent – and this in the face of a disgraceful “fear and smear” campaign by our opponents and their media lackeys, the like of which we have rarely seen in British political history. So we really bucked the trend here in Stroud, and did considerably better than Labour did nationally.

This is a great tribute to our brilliant former MP David Drew, and the principled campaign he and his dedicated team fought here in Stroud. They can all feel justly proud of themselves.

And after generously and open-heartedly coming out of retirement in 2017 to fight the seat again due to Theresa May’s snap election, there can be few if anyone who deserves to enjoy his retirement more than David Drew, having worked tirelessly for the people of Stroud, and especially for the less fortunate and disadvantaged, this past 2½ years. Stroud’s new MP Siobhan Baillie has one hell of an act to follow.

Yours etc.

Dr Richard House