Wiltshire police have arrested more than 60 people this week as part of an operation tackling county lines drug gangs.

Officers have been targeting those involved in the supply of class A drugs in Swindon this week as part of Operation Samphire.

Sixty-one people have been arrested, the youngest of those was 14-years-old.

As well as numerous drug offences people have also been arrested on suspicion of robbery, handling stolen goods and driving whilst disqualified.

Weapons, £10,000 cash and £40,000 worth of drugs have also been seized.

Det Insp Paul Franklin, who is leading Operation Samphire, said: "County lines drugs gangs do not care about the young or vulnerable people they are recruiting to do their dirty work by peddling drugs within our communities.

"All too often we are seeing people being exploited at the hands of these gang members with a promise of cash or designer goods. The reality in fact is that these people are threatened with violence and weapons if they do not conform to those leading the gangs.

"I am all too aware of the negative impact that this kind of activity can then have on a neighbourhood - nobody wants to feel concerned about whether the street they live on is safe for their children to play in, and that is why we are working hard to rid our streets of drugs and the associated violence and anti-social behaviour.

"These raids are as much about disrupting the county lines by seizing the drugs and weapons, as well as arresting those in the middle of the chain, and making Swindon seem an undesirable place for county lines gangs to operate. We continue to liaise with neighbouring police forces to target those higher up the chain.

"We are also working closely with local schools, colleges and the councils to educate young people of the dangers involved in county lines."