James Gray has retained his North Wiltshire seat for the Conservatives with 32,373 votes.

Lib Dem Brian Mathew polled 14,747 Labour’s Jonathan Fisher polled 5699 and Bonnie Jackson for the Green Party won 1,939.

James stated that there are many more issues to worry about, irrespective of Brexit.

Brian described a positive plan and campaign and that he was proud of standing against Brexit.

Jon, described a great campaign, with passionate engagement, across the last five weeks in North Wiltshire. They will hold James Gray to account.

Bonnie thanked all those that voted greens and hopes voters will continue to do so. 

The turnout was 54,982 votes, which is 75.03%

The national picture so far is: 236 Conservative seats, 155 Labour seats, 7 Liberal Democrat seats, 36 SNP seats, and 16 Independent seats.