The Standard asked the candidates standing in The Cotswolds to provide a statement explaining why residents should vote for them on Thursday. Here is what Liz Webster ​(Lib Dems) had to say.

The Cotswolds is one of the most beautiful constituencies in the UK.

It has been represented for nearly three decades by Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown who has been given the dubious honour of being ranked at 650 out of 650 MPs for “openness and responsiveness to their constituents”.

Earlier this year, The Cotswolds demanded better and elected the Liberal Democrats to lead Cotswold District Council.

It’s now time for the Cotswolds again to demand better and elect an MP who really cares about their constituency, who listens to constituents’ concerns and acts on them.

I am so excited at the prospect of opening the Cotswold’s first ever constituency office to give The Cotswolds the same access to communication and regular surgeries as most other people in Britain.

Liberal Democrat policies are radical, caring and costed.

Moreover they are urgently needed now to fix the many problems that people are experiencing.

We want to invest more money in the NHS as well as give local councils the money needed to deliver better social care.

The Institute of Fiscal Studies, has found that neither the Conservatives nor Labour is being honest with the electorate.

Director Paul Johnson, described manifesto spending plans as failing to deliver a 'properly credible prospectus’.

By contrast, he described Liberal Democrats' proposals as: “Liberal Democrat proposals to put a penny on the main rate of income tax would be simple, progressive and would raise a secure level of revenue."

Brexit has paralysed Parliament for over three years in which time our NHS and schools have been pushed to breaking point and inequality has rocketed.

A Conservative hard Brexit will paralyse and impoverish Britain for years – even decades – to come.

As a local farmer’s wife, I am totally aware of the threats of Brexit to British agriculture, our food security and our environment.

As a rural constituency dependent on agriculture, Brexit will seriously damage our local economy, further undermining services already squeezed by austerity.

Enough is enough. The Cotswolds constituency has been taken for granted, and our interests and concerns ignored, for far too long.

Let’s concentrate on the issues that really matter instead. Fight Climate Change in concert with our European partners. Protect our NHS. Tackle inequality.

Invest in affordable housing, public transport and infrastructure. We can make a difference here – Demand Better.

For a brighter future for The Cotswolds vote for Liz Webster, Liberal Democrats.