The Standard asked the candidates standing in The Cotswolds to provide a statement explaining why residents should vote for them on Thursday. Here is what Sabrina Poole ​(Green Party) had to say.

The next ten years are the most important in our global history.

The climate and environmental emergency is raging from the Amazon to the Arctic.

Koalas are now functionally extinct.

As a planet, we cannot go on as we are.

A vote for the Green Party’s Green New Deal would transform and future-proof the UK economy, tackle the Climate Emergency in time, and simultaneously address pressing social problems.

We are the only party you can trust to stand up for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal, now that we actually know what it contains, and proudly campaign to remain in Europe and transform the European Union for the better.

Our Green Members of the European Parliament work collaboratively on an international level to solve international problems, such as the climate emergency, and we need them to continue.

The future of this planet and its people is at the core of everything Green Party Councillors, MPs and MEPs do and vote for.

With your vote, you can give us even more influence in Parliament, in the media, and most crucially of all, in saving our lives.

Because if not now, when?