The Standard asked the candidates standing in The Cotswolds to provide a statement explaining why residents should vote for them on Thursday. Here is what Alan Mackenzie ​(Labour) had to say.

On December 12 we face a clear choice, more cuts, more austerity, more division and a deepening climate crisis or we can be brave and face real change together.

I promise I will work hard for you from day 1 earning your trust and rebuilding faith in politics, we no longer need to be divided.

In the Cotswolds, 21 percent of children are trapped in poverty, having a single child in poverty is unacceptable.

We will end the bedroom tax and universal credits and create a system that is fair for all.

No child should have to live in poverty and I will work to help bring families out of poverty.

No child will be left behind, In education 66 percent of our schools are facing a funding shortfall, we will ensure every child and teacher has the resources they need to achieve their goals.

I will work with and listen to our NHS staff and GP’s ensuring they have the support they need and will work to bring our hospitals, minor injuries and illness units back to being in 24 hour operation so we no longer need to travel so far for treatment.

I will work to ensure our hospitals are properly staffed at all times.

We also need to tackle the climate crisis.

Our green industrial revolution is key to how we will target the crisis, investing in new green ideas, upgrading homes and ensuring all new builds are carbon neutral.

We will support workers into green engineering jobs and we will provide green apprenticeships.

The Cotswolds will be a potential National Park and we will be a world leader in tackling the climate crisis and we will listen.

We will get Brexit done with a new deal in three months, a deal that works and then put this to the public for a final say vote within six months, I want to remain however I will work with all groups in The Cotswolds to ensure everybody has a vice and everybody is listened to, we must come together and end the divide between us.

I will be an MP for all our communities working where it matters most and working to improve the lives of all residents by listening and taking action and I will earn your trust.

It's time for a real change in the Cotswolds.

Let’s meet that change together.