It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas... in Tetbury, as the streets were ceremoniously illuminated with stunning Christmas lights this weekend.

Families line the streets, eagerly looking for the perfect gift at the stalls, whilst the air is abuzz with excitement and anticipation about seeing Santa in his magical grotto.

The lucky winners of the ‘something that reminds you of Tetbury’ drawing competition were Isla Harris and Archie Broome, from St Mary’s School.

Who, with great smiling faces took centre stage, turning on the lights with the mayor of Tetbury, as fairy-tale company, Santa and the town crier all looked on with pride.

Many of Tetbury’s residents and visitors watched in wonder as the streets were lit up, igniting the Christmas spirit of all.

As the night drew on, the visiting princesses wandered the crowds, and visited the local stores, making sure no-one was missing out on the fun.

It was truly a magical night.

Photography by Kevin Painter