The Cotswold Gateway Café and Information Centre has been given an art makeover thanks to renowned Cotswold artist – Rupert Aker.

The painter, based in Painswick, was commissioned by The Gateway, to produce 12 to 16 Cotswold scenes.

These will adorn the large back wall of the café as well as some of the exhibition space facing the lake.

The landscape scenes will be of the water park, where The Gateway is situated as well as new pictures of Cirencester, Lechlade and surrounding villages.

“The water park is a beautiful place to paint,” Rupert said.

“It is somewhere a little different and special in the region.

“Pictures and paintings can bring people together, people are connected by locations and views, they hold memories of occasions and events in peoples loves from living or simply visiting the area."

Holly Bates is the manager of The Gateway and said: “The pictures have given the café a new lease of life and brightened it up.

"It was great to see one of the Cotswolds most respected artist work and produce such beautiful paintings.”