Police are cracking down on a notorious speeding hot-spot in the Cotswolds.

Officers have been operating their camera safety van at various spots between Cirencester and Northleach on the A429 FosseWay following two serious collisions earlier this month.

The van has been in the Hollow Fosse layby, the Old Railway siding and the layby just after the Cherry Tree Crossroads.

Last Thursday, 27 drivers were caught speeding and on Tuesday, nine more drivers were caught exceeding the 60mph speed limit.

Police will be sending 36 offenders a speeding penalty summons.

PC Nick Westmacott said: "There has been an increase in road traffic collisions recently on the A429 Fosseway.

"As a result we have sent out our police speed enforcement van to monitor traffic.

"Police are recommending that a speed limit is not the target speed you should be aiming for and that during the recent wet weather roads will be slippery and need to allow for longer stopping distances."