THE Boondocks Festival, Malmesbury’s popular home-grown music event, will not be returning next year.

For the festival to go ahead, organisers needed to raise £50,000 in the space of 30 days via a Kickstarted accout, which allowed people who would like to attend, to pledge money for tickets.

Sadly despite 215 supporters pledging for 482 tickets, they only raised £33,687 of their £50,000 target.

A spokesperson for the festival said: “It’s a real shame/unfortunate that there weren’t enough people prepared to pledge early for Boondocks 2020.

“But if there’s not enough support, personal and/or financial to make it happen, then it doesn’t happen.

“Thank you to all 215 supporters who pledged for the 482 tickets that we all achieved.

“That took personal commitment and you must have encouraged your friends and family to get involved to achieve that for everyone. Although this time around it just wasn’t quite enough, we still wholeheartedly salute you and appreciate your efforts. But Boondocks ain’t going nowhere!

“It’s still here whenever you want it so for now, we’ll have another year off and then see how everyone feels. It’ll be fine”

As the total wasn’t reached, anyone who pledged for a ticket will not be charged.