In the Standard last week (November 21), on page four, I saw a picture of The Old Watermoor Hospital now Cotswold District Council offices lit up highlighting domestic violence, and on page 14 of the same edition a picture of the historic hospital getting demolished.

As I passed the Memorial Hospital site in Sheep Street this weekend how very sad I felt it was now just rubble.

Could not this site been used for something better than 36 parking spaces.

I nursed in both these hospitals in my working life, the Mem as it was always called was a great hospital, it had excellent medical and surgical consultants and staff and it served the town and district for well for over a hundred years.

I know I am speaking for so many retired staff and for the people of Cirencester.

What a great loss that this building has now vanished with all its memories when it could have been refurbished and used as offices maybe by the council?

Betty Parry