Lady Colin Campbell will no longer turn on Tetbury's Christmas lights after controversial comments she made in relation to Prince Andrew.

The socialite, 70, said soliciting sex from minors was 'not the same as paedophilia' when appearing on ITV's Good Morning Britain programme yesterday.

She made the comments when discussing Prince Andrew and his friendship with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Lady Colin Campbell had been scheduled to appear at Tetbury's Christmas lights switch-on event on December 6 but her appearance has now been cancelled.

A statement from Tetbury Town Council said: "The Town Council has been advised by the organisers of the Christmas Lights Switch on Event that, in view of the recent controversy, they have decided to ask the Mayor to turn on the Christmas Lights, with a pupil from St Mary’s Primary School."

This is far from the first time Lady C has made controversial comments. In June she claimed the Me Too movement 'prevented men from being men'.