TRAFFIC calming measures have been installed in Cirencester following growing concerns about road safety.

A vehicle activated sign monitor has been temporarily installed on Chesterton Lane in an attempt to deter speeding motorists.

The monitors not only records vehicle speed, but the time of day, date, numbers exceeding the limit and other useful data which can then be utilised to focus future efforts to deal with the speeding problem.

Cotswold District Council Cllr Ray Brassington (Four Acres Ward) said: “I have been contacted by a number of my constituents regarding vehicles speeding along Chesterton Lane in Cirencester.

“As a result of this I contacted Cirencester Town Council to arrange to have a vehicle activated sign monitor installed for a period of time along the lane.

“I am pleased to say this was accepted and the speed activated monitor was initially located by the junction with Chesterton Park. After two weeks it was re-located further down the lane near its junction with the busy Somerford Road.

"I have also discussed the problem with the police and hopefully they will be able to use there resources to tackle the concerns of my constituents.”

Gloucestershire County Council said they reviewed road safety on the road last year and were satisfied that no changes needed to be made but will continue to monitor the situation.