Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate Liz Webster launches her bid to win the Cotswold seat tonight declaring “It’s time to show the Tories the door.”

Liz is launching her bid at the Fox in Broadwell at 7pm (November 7).

“If I’m elected, the first thing I will do is to open a constituency office and make sure everyone knows they can come to see me at regular surgeries," said Liz.

The UK voted to leave the EU in 2016, although The Cotswolds voted to remain.

“I have met so many people in the constituency who are really furious about Brexit and about the local MP going completely against their wishes,” said Liz.

“My position is clear; I will follow the majority view of my constituents and I will fight to remain in the EU.

This is also because it’s good for jobs, good for society and good for all our children’s futures.”

“But,” she says, “The election isn’t only about Brexit. It’s about a country where the old dinosaurs of Conservative and Labour think they can just take it in turns to pursue the same tired old policies and the same failing politics.

"In recent months we’ve seen one head hard right and the other hard left, squeezing out so many of those moderate MPs in the middle.

"It’s time to break that mould with some fresh blood and fresh ideas.

"The Liberal Democrats have an ambitious plan for the future where every single person and community can thrive.

"Unlike our opponents we’re not fighting for some narrow segment of society but for everyone.”

Liz she says she’s getting more and more encouraged every day as she goes round the constituency talking to people.

“There’s a real mood for change,” she says, “and I’ve never known such enthusiasm for the party as I’m finding right now.”

Liz lives with her husband on a farm at the southern edge of the Cotswolds.

She has run her own recruitment business in the area for more than twenty-six years and feels she is very much in tune with the constituency and the thirst for change within it.

Tensions around the Brexit campaign and the murder of Jo Cox motivated Liz to stand for Parliament and in the General Election 2017 Liz took on the neighbouring constituency of North Swindon.

“I learnt a lot during that campaign and now I feel truly ready to serve and to do a decent job for people who need an MP who really understands them and their issues, who will respond positively when they look them the eye to tell them what’s wrong, and one who will answer their messages and e-mails, rather than ignoring them if he doesn’t like what they say.”

Liz is a well-known figure in the Remain campaign, particularly in the fight to revoke Article 50.

She’s been invited to speak at a number of Remain marches and events.

She took the government to court with a crowd-funded campaign named the “Article 50 Challenge” in a bid to find the missing legal decision to leave the EU.

She’s also a founding member of Farmers for a Peoples’ Vote and visitors to her farm would be hard-pressed not to realise that.

Liz added: “The producers of an anti-Brexit film needed a field that could be ploughed to spell out the words, 'Britain now wants to Remain'.

"We volunteered our land and now I can say I am the proud owner of the largest Remain message in the world.”