As chairperson of Frack Free Cotswolds, I watched with interest last Saturday as the Government announced a ‘halting’ to fracking in the UK.

However, our group, which is there to help resist locally and nationally this environmentally disastrous process, will not be suddenly disbanding because ‘halting’ is not an outright ban.

The UK is not the USA where fracking is for oil and where gas is merely a biproduct.

Considering where the most productive fracking sites could be, in old coalmining areas, Mr. Johnson has followed his populist instinct.

Frack fluid is by its action one of the slipperiest substances known to humanity, (very apt for ditch dodging Boris!), so pumping it into heavily faulted, heavily populated, abandoned coal mining areas was always going to be problematical and a numbskull idea.

The lure of the Dollar from ‘black gold’ and possible easy profit was too irresistible for some.

Our world though, cannot afford climate disaster.

We can do something about climate change. Now is the critical moment.

We are like a ship heading for an iceberg, we need to change course in time, too late and we hit it!

We could, for example, start immediately by making all warehousing, old and new, have solar panels on the roof, not use more green fields.

A large proportion of power is lost in transmission.

Microgeneration is sensible.

The Government should do this by ‘carrot and stick’ method of giving grants to those companies and industrial landlords that convert their warehouse roofs to power generation and initiate a special climate tax on those that don’t. Simple, fast, effective, action.

We need to come together and act to help solve our potentially largest problem, climate change, so don’t play with words politicians and be honest.

Dr. Jonathan Whittaker, chair Frack Free Cotswolds,