Two spooky figures have appeared in the windows of a Cirencester shop scaring the town’s taxi drivers, tourists and passersby.

Every night two headless bodies light up in the windows above the towns Goldsmiths jewellers.

The well dressed figures light up every night on a timer and are part of the ‘Lifestyle Hub’ from renowned Cirencester tailor – Barrington Ayre.

One of the tailors wooden panelled work rooms in Cirencester was converted into a plush space with sofas, coffee machine, daily newspapers, magazines and drinks plus a TV all surrounded by tailoring ephemera from across the years.

Part of the display is two light-up mannequins wearing tailoring from the company.

The renowned tailors have taken the whole floor above the Goldsmiths jewellers in the town centre allowing them to build on the existing business.

Tom Wharton said of the ghostly mannequins: “I know it is Halloween but I was stunned to hear that many thought they were being spied on by ghouls, I hope everyone is ok. We want people to relax and shop not die of a heart attack.”