INTERNATIONAL account manager, and self titled “unlikely athlete”, Lucinda Perrett, has become the amateur sector’s (AWPC) Powerlifting World Champion.

Lucinda, 28, from Tetbury, took part in the August world championships in Florida as part of team GB and won four gold medals in her sector’s powerlifting contest this year.

She began going to the gym to use the usual cardio and machine weights, but was convinced by a friend to test her strength.

Lucinda’s first competition was just a year ago in Stroud, where she placed first. In May she became British Champion and in June she became European Champion.

“I was inspired to do this, to see what my body is capable of, and to see how far I can push myself with discipline and the right training. And now it’s part of me,” said Lucinda, who works at Snow Business.

“I am an unlikely athlete - I was never sporty, I was never particularly interested in sport and I don’t look like a typical athlete.

“I’m the opposite of what you may picture an athlete to be.

“It has made me so much more body confident. I am strong and my body is amazing.

“I compete in the 90kg+ female category, so seeing other women pushing their bodies and owning their strength is truly inspiring, and I hope people see me in this way too. My colleagues are so proud of me and Snow Business has been incredibly supportive.”