The loss of 500 jobs at the Dyson electric car project is a blow to those concerned, their families and Malmesbury.‎

It is also a serious comment on the lack of support for green technology development by this Government.

Following their 2015 ‎election victory, one of the first acts by the Conservative Government was to scrap the Lib Dem inspired Green Investment Bank.

The bank had been created in part to help fund breakthroughs in green technology.

This approach is key to our sustainable economic, social and environmental futures.

Such developments include the turning of single use plastic rubbish back into valuable oils being pioneered in Swindon by recycling ‎technologies.

New businesses are a risk with no guarantee of success especially those that push the environment and socially responsible boundaries.

Having had the privilege of working at The Body Shop with the late Anita Roddick for many years, I applaud this entrepreneurial spirit‎.

Despite this blow, magnificent Malmesbury will continue to flourish.

I also wish those who face an uncertain future at Dyson all good luck.

I also hope their work to create ever stronger battery power will go on to great success‎.

Meanwhile our Government locally and nationally must wake up to support a "green new deal" that puts sustainability and combating climate change at the heart of all we do.

Councillor Gavin Grant

Liberal Democrat Wiltshire Councillor for Malmesbury