Hundreds of Cotswolds campaigners will descend on London at the weekend to join in an anti-Brexit march.

According to the Cotswolds4Europe Facebook group, residents from Cirencester, Burford and Malmesbury will travel to the capital on Saturday.

They will be joined from people across the county with coaches also departing from Gloucester, Cheltenham, Wotton-under-Edge and Stroud.

Over 800 people from Gloucestershire will be marching on Parliament Square under the banner 'Together For A Final Say'.

In total more than one million people are expected to show their support for a People's Vote outside Parliament.

Ben, a retired engineer from the Cotswolds, aged 88 said: "I didn't realise what it would mean.

"I can't believe any prime minister would actually do something that will pitch the country into debt.

"It won't affect me, but what about my grandchildren. I feel so bad.

"They will live for years with austerity. It will be like the 50s again."

Robert Whitfield, chair of Cotswolds for Europe added: "The Cotswolds will be marching for Ben.

"People should be asked whether they wish to leave on the terms now proposed, or would prefer to stay."