THE remains of a cannabis farm has been found dumped in the Cotswolds.

A large pile of waste containing the residue of a cannabis farm was reported to Cotswold District Council by the police and a member of the public last week in a 'Green Lane' near Sapperton.

An officer carefully searched through 25 black bags looking for any evidence for an hour to find the offenders and prosecute.

A spokesman for Cotswold District Council said: "This is the second occasion in three months a fly tip of this nature has been dumped in this beautiful remote location.

"The council and the police are working together and hope to have a solution to deter this environmental crime in this area in the near future."

A caravan was also found dumped on Dark Lane in Calmsden, near Cirencester last week and was reported to the council.

An investigation was conducted by a council officer to check for any evidence of who dumped the caravan and a large quaintly of waste that was found inside, but no evidence was found to prosecute the offenders.

Two members from Ubico, the council's waste partners, worked for three hours to clear the waste.

A vehicle recovery contractor collected the caravan to be disposed of legitimately.

The whole process involved several partners and a number of council employees and a great deal of effort to resolve.

Councillor Andrew Doherty cabinet member for waste and recycling, said: “With most of our district being an area of outstanding natural beauty, all of us who live here are guardians of a beautiful and historic landscape.

"The council plays a key role in helping to maintain that beauty and we rely on local information to help us do that work.

“Clearing litter, removing abandoned cars, dealing with dog fouling and collecting fly tipping are some of the visible examples of the council’s hard work to look after the local environment.

"These services only have to be provided due to the illegal and irresponsible behaviour of a minority of people.

“The council’s environmental services play a vital role in preserving the environment and keeping the Cotswolds clear of environmental crime.

"We are working with key stakeholders to tackle environmental crime through engagement, education, campaigning and targeted communications.

"I would encourage anyone who has witnessed the dumping of illegal rubbish to contact us immediately though our website.”