Two weeks ago I warned of broken promises by the new Liberal Democrat run Cotswold District Council.

I reminded readers that in their manifesto, they told us ‘we deserved better’ and promised to be ‘open, transparent and accountable!’

They wanted to ‘rebuild the trust’ that had broken down with residents (which as a former councillor of 16 years I found arrogant and found offensive).

They have now surpassed themselves by posting on the Cotswold District Council website that proposed changes to the waste service were now not going to be introduced this November but March 2020 instead!

This followed a ‘detailed review’ by Lib Dem Cllr Doherty, claiming that the changes are ‘down to the new administration’ but were delayed due to problems over vehicle parts deliveries and Brexit!

What tosh!

These plans were developed over two years by the Conservatives and announced last December 2018!

But wait for it...

The Lib Dems announced an arbitrary switch from weekly to fortnightly garden waste collection which to the 20,000 residents who use the service is madness.

They think it’s a great service, would pay more for it and want it to continue on a weekly basis!

This change is happening without any consultation and despite the Lib Dem manifesto pledge ‘to reinstate garden waste collection all year round’ and countless election promises ‘to maintain the weekly service’.

Doherty then has the temerity to say that despite the delay ‘it does have the benefit to residents that the weekly garden waste service will remain until March’ in line with the Lib Dem manifesto!

Retaining weekly garden waste collections was something I personally fought for with the parish councils I represented.

The council promised to review this service and to run a three month trial this autumn before making any changes.

We ‘deserve better!’

David Fowles