Eco-warriors from Cirencester travelled to London last week to join climate change protests protests across the capital.

Activists from Cirencester XR joined members of Extinction Rebellion as they launched a two-week International Rebellion protest, with sit-ins taking place all over the city.

During the first few days of the protest XR successfully took sites across the city including Westminster, Trafalgar Square, Lambeth bridge and Westminster bridge.

Similar action took place in cities worldwide as concerns by the group mounts about global inaction on climate change and ecological collapse.

Cirencester’s activists were based at Trafalgar Square and the BBC where they were focusing on Extinction Rebellion’s ‘third demand’ for a binding Citizens’ Assembly on action to bring about the emissions reductions and ecosystem restoration necessary to address the crisis.

Holly Elphick 17, from South Cerney joined the protest on Friday.

“As a young person during the climate crisis I worry about my future," she said.

"In 2030 when we reach the 'point of no return' I will be only 28 years old. We need to do something.”

An Extinction Rebellion spokesperson said: “The climate and ecosystem emergency is too important to be left to party politics.

"A Citizens’ Assembly would help our country to identify fair, effective policies by means of decision processes that are representative and thoughtful.

"Our politicians should welcome this way of addressing the threat to everyone’s future without getting side-tracked by party politics and special interests.”

The Cirencester group will be hosting a talk entitled ‘Climate Change through the eyes of a polar explorer’ delivered by adventurer and engineer Vijay Shah.

It will take place at 7:30pm on Thursday at the Golden Cross, Black Jack street, Cirencester.

Members of XR will be available at the talk to answer questions about the ongoing London protests and XR’s key demands.