A district councillor is urging people to have their say on £435m plans for the A417 missing link.

Cotswold District Councillor Ray Brassington is calling on residents, businesses and community groups to make their views known in a Highways England consultation.

The proposal for the A417 will see the last stretch of three miles of single carriageway on the 31-mile A417/A419 route upgraded to a dual carriageway.

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The A417 runs between Gloucester, Cirencester and Swindon and is used by many motorists travelling between London and the West Midlands as a shortcut between the M4 and the M5.

Cllr Brassington said: "The council has long been concerned about the ongoing congestion and pollution, noise and the accidents and fatal collisions that have taken place on and around that section of the A417.”

At a recent full council meeting, councillors reaffirmed their support for the proposal from Highways England to replace the section of the A417 with a dual carriageway which will then be continuous from the M4 to the M5.

Councillor Brassington added: “However, this will lead to an increase in traffic volumes and therefore road noise will increase unless mitigating actions are taken so I would urge local people to take part in the forthcoming consultation to highlight any concerns about the noise and other environmental impacts of this scheme and request Highways England to take action to address these.”

People can can explore the proposals and talk to members of Highways England in Cirencester tomorrow (Friday, October 11)

It will take place from 11am to 6pm at Cirencester Town Council, Bingham House, 1 Dyer Street, Cirencester, GL7 2PP.

To take part in the consultation, go to bit.ly/2LYCO4k