My wife tells me I have a Quaker voice”, a slightly calmer, altered tone when speaking about, or to, other Quakers.

I’d like to cast doubt on her claim but in all honesty, she may have a point.

We all have a ‘telephone voice’ right?

A tone that we adopt when answering the phone to reflect how we would like to be perceived.

A quick glance at the screen warns of a potential PPI sales call, so we take on a guarded position.

Family members get a warm reception, while others induce fear and borderline loathing.

So I use my voice as a reflector, a mirror to hold up with a view to receiving the good intentions I emit in the spirit of ‘you reap what you sow’.

Finding your correct voice is important as it represents who you are.

As an exercise, create balance in both your inner and outer voice and notice the change it brings.

Listen to, and let your small voice of calm grow inside you until it fills your heart.

Deal with a tricky situation by using the kindest voice you have, let it be your internal communication with your God.

Let the change from within start now and see the joy you create without much effort, just a smile and a hello or nice day to a passing stranger.

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