A crackdown on anti-social behaviour, criminal damage and littering in Bourton Cemetery is well underway.

Over the past few months, PCSO Charlie Symes says there has been an increase in incidents on Cemetery Lane.

The officer expressed his anger and disgust at the level of littering and complete disregard for the area after he completed a petrol of the area.

Last weekend, PCSO Symes made proactive patrols of Bourton in the evenings to try and clamp down on the behaviour.

Between 6pm and 10pm on Saturday and Sunday, September 14 and 15, PCSO Symes patrolled The Furrows, St Lawrence's Church and The Lynch Gate in a marked police car.

PCSO Symes said: "The results are as follows.

"999 call of four youths in St Lawrence's Churchyard from a resident.

"The area was searched, the youths were found and details were taken.

"All youths cleared up the mess they had made and will carry out some unpaid community work over the next week.

"Males spotted smoking in the Lynch Gate, made off from me but were ID'd and will be dealt with slow time.

"Alcohol and packets of pills found in the Remembrance Garden.

"Cans of alcohol were emptied and disposed of.

"A motorbike not displaying a rear number plate was spotted and the male driver was dealt with accordingly.

"Male and vehicle spoken to in regards to no tax, words of advice given and vehicle was taxed at the scene.

"Increasing reports of local male dealing cannabis to primary school aged children.

"Evidence secured from witnesses for police action."

PCSO Symes said more patrols will take place over the coming weeks to catch those responsible.

He added: "Last weekend I made proactive patrols of Bourton in the evenings to try and clamp down on anti-social behaviour in areas that residents had informed me of.

"The main areas being The Furrows, St Lawrence's Church and The Lynch Gate.

"The North Cotswolds Neighbourhood Policing Team will be carrying our more proactive patrols over the coming weeks in an attempt to catch those responsible of anti-social behaviour and drug use.

"Any information or help from the public would be greatly received and thank you to everyone who sends us photos and videos of any offenders/offences."

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