The summer has proved to be one of prolonged uncertainty and political exasperation.

For many solace can be sought in sport with a continuous backdrop of events such as Wimbledon, the Ashes, the return of the football season and now the rugby World Cup is about to start.

We can share in the highs and lows of others either as individuals or by coming together, where we have a focus and positive anticipation of what lies ahead along with a sense of shared unity, uplifting us all.

At Cirencester Signpost, we are a charity that partners with other kind-hearted people and agencies across the town.

Our aim is to prevent homelessness, offering practical support and encouragement to those in financial and emotional distress.

Like following our sporting heroes and teams, we are there to share in times of personal success and achievement and as important to be there during times of disappointments and not to give up or walk away but to be alongside supporting for the long-term.

Earlier this year, one of our homeless friends passed away suddenly and I was touched by many accounts of those who had often taken the time to chat with him, buy him something to eat or pass over an item of clothing.

For most of us, we will never meet our sporting heroes let alone be one but cheering on from the sidelines is something in which we can all participate.

So, whether it is the homeless person in the street or someone you know who needs words of comfort and hope such as your next-door neighbour, a work colleague or parent at the school gates let us champion the cause of others.

A true and lasting triumph to be celebrated.