It makes a refreshing change to hear about something really positive in Cirencester this week.

As we face the immediate demolition of the Old Memorial Hospital to make way for some more car parking spaces, the jury is out on this ancient building.

When the Cotswold District Council bought it back in the 90s, it had already ceased to be a hospital and for years it has had no real use whilst it fell into decay.

So it was fantastic to hear that through the efforts of David Viner, John Tiffney (Civic Society) and Andy Dyke at Cotswold District Council liaising with Earl Bathurst it now looks as though the facade of the Old Memorial Hospital is to be saved for posterity and will have pride of place in the new car park planned near the Old Kennels.

Unlike some who do very little but seek to take the credit regularly for a lot that happens in the town via your publication, your website and other forms of social media; David, John and Andy don’t.

So can we thank them for their diligent and discrete efforts in saving a piece of our architectural heritage.

I am intrigued as to how it will be removed!

David Fowles