FIREFIGHTERS tackled a blaze in a wooded area in Cirencester.

Smoke could be seen billowing on Sunday afternoon in a woodland area on Beeches Road.

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service were called to the incident at around 4.40pm and sent one appliance from Cirencester.

A spokesman for the fire service said: "The vegetation path on fire was roughly two metres by two metres.

"Two hose reels were used as well as drag hooks.

"The fire was out at around 5pm."

"Cause of the fire is unknown but it was reported to the police."

Luke Aaron and Henry Wilkinson came across the fire shortly before firefighters arrived on the scene. 

"We heard a crackling noise and thought it was just dog walkers up ahead," Luke said.

"When we arrived the woodland was on fire.

"Someone had already called the fire brigade and all we could do was watch, by the time the fire engine arrived it had doubled in size and became too hot to stand near.

"The whole woodland there was full of dry waste from works being done on the woodlands and it could have easily been a huge bonfire waiting to happen. It scorched the near trees and fence.

"We watched the fire fighter put out the blaze, if it wasn't for them the entire woodland could have gone up. It could have been very very serious!"

A Gloucestershire police spokesman said: "Shortly after 5pm on Sunday we were informed that the fire service was attending a fire in a wooded area in Beeches Road, Cirencester.

"Police attendance was not required and there are no further details."