COMMUNITY groups in Malmesbury will receive more than £19,000 in donations thanks to money raised at the town’s annual carnival and festival.

Due to the generosity of the community, the carnival charity will have in excess of £19,000 to donate to local charities and voluntary organisations.

The money raised eclipses the total of £17,227 raised by last year's carnival.

In a statement The Malmesbury Carnival Committee said: "So many of you came forward to offer your skills, abilities, talents and experience without asking anything in return other than to be part of this wonderful town's activities.

"As a result of such generosity, the carnival was able to provide more than 40 different experiences in addition to those well-established events such as Petticoat Lane, Open Gardens, Music in the Cloisters and of course, the carnival procession.

"If you were one of those people who hosted an event for the carnival, provided entertainment at an event or who organised groups of other volunteers to support throughout August, please accept the committee's grateful thanks - the carnival could not happen without you.

"If you were amongst the many who came to support and enjoy the events or to dress up for the carnival procession, again, please accept the grateful thanks of the committee.

"Your backing and enthusiasm helped create such a positive atmosphere around the town. One of the greatest gifts we can offer each other is the gift of time and this precious commodity was given freely by so many of you over the course of the carnival and festival.

"As a new committee we faced the carnival with a healthy degree of anxiety despite the support provided by those with so much previous experience.

"We need not have worried!

"The town came forward and made sure that the carnival was a success.

"We are blessed with wonderful weather and the massive support.

"We very much hope to be at least as successful next year, roll on 2020!"

With the carnival for this year at an end, applications for grants from the carnival funds are invited from organisations within the local area.

Previously these have come from schools, sports clubs, social clubs and more.

Organisations have until September 30 to apply.

To apply, go to