What a shame that Mrs E Stuart presents such a narrow understanding of the bible, and certainly such a narrow view of God.

The danger with this kind of literalist view is that scripture is lifted out of context and is being used as a weapon.

It must be noted that this kind of interpretation often bears little if any relation to the original context the biblical author intended.

Far be it that we use scripture to ‘beat’ the fear of God into people, if that were to be the case what kind of society would we create?

Not a pleasant picture and certainly not in accord with my own understanding of how scripture is written and shared to encourage good and healthy relationship.

I am so pleased that I am not a member of Mrs Stuart’s church, to attend out of fear does not concur with my own experience of belonging to a loving church where the word of God is set at the heart of encouraging and enabling individuals to live out their lives following the commandments of Jesus.

I believe Jesus said on more than one occasion, love your neighbour as yourself, love your enemies.

To use the bible in the way Mrs Stuart is suggesting is in my own view, and I suspect the majority in my church, a total misuse of scripture.

Canon Graham Morris

Vicar of Cirencester