As follows is an open letter I have penned to Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP regarding his current voting intentions.

I am typing this email out with the hope that you will put aside your infamous selfishness and ignorance in order to stand for the people that voted you in to the position you are so comfortably redundant in.

Through serial non-engagement you somehow have managed to maintain your position in the Cotswold seat.

The lack of effort in comparison to the success you have achieved through absolute apathy is truly confounding.

You must be the luckiest pseudo-politician ever.

Will the current political climate warrant you standing with your constituency on how they voted in the referendum or continue to bend the knee to whoever is in charge of your party at the time?

Your recent act of a wholly submissive political non-entity has not gone unnoticed.

I am publicly calling on you to put aside the childish wanting of validation from your seniors and to for once, stand shoulder to shoulder with the people that you were elected to represent.

I am asking you to regard the results of the 2016 referendum in the Cotswolds to ensure that we do not leave the EU without a deal.

For once, put your people in front of yourself and insure that everyone is protected not just your fellow Bull Club members.

The act of a U-turn seems to be quite well practised by your party, so it shouldn’t be an unreasonable request.

We need you now more than ever to be what we elected you to be.

You need to understand that the Cotswolds is a beautifully diverse place.

People of all nationalities, religions, ages and beliefs call this wonderful slice of England, home.

It is your job, your one job to ensure that everyone here is looked after and receive the care and opportunities that they are entitled to.

I am asking, sir, please do not do what you have unfortunately gotten the habit of doing.

Please, remember who put you in to the position you are in.

It wasn’t Boris or May, it was your constituency.

The people at the bottom.

The people that have been pushed aside by you for far too long.

Change your ways and help us.

Here’s to hoping.

William Downes-Hall