Cotswold MP Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown says he will be supporting the Government in today's crucial vote.

PRIME Minister Boris Johnson has made it perfectly clear he wants the UK to leave the EU on October 31 ‘come what may’.

Feverish speculation continues about the prospect of a general election being called within days if the Government loses an expected Commons vote today.

Remain supporting MPs and those who want to leave the European Union with a deal will attempt to seize control of the parliamentary agenda.

They will try to pass legislation to prevent leaving the European Union without an agreement in place.

Cotswold MP Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown said: "I will be supporting the Government and will not be voting for a Bill that will force the Prime Minister to accept any terms dictated by Brussels.

"Politicians cannot pick and choose the public votes they want to respect, people want certainty and not endless delays in the attempt to permanently cancel Brexit.

"This Bill would also weaken ongoing negotiations to secure a better deal that could be approved by Parliament.

"I believe the people of this country and businesses require politicians to honour the Referendum, resolve Brexit and provide certainty for the future."