Drugs have been found and seized during a police search in Cirencester this morning.

Officers carried out a drugs warrant in Chesterton where cannabis and other items were seized from two suspects.

A Gloucestershire police spokesman said: "Two 16-year-old suspects, detained during the warrant, have now attended Cirencester station and been interviewed on suspicion of possession-with-intent-to-supply.

"Given their ages, a file will now go to a multi-agency panel for a charging decision."

Police in Cirencester say they have been cracking down on drugs in the town.

Earlier this year, officers announced that they had made a purge on drug supply and drug use in the town their neighbourhood priority.

Police say they are now working to make it harder for those to supply and sell drugs in Cirencester.

A spokeman for Gloucestershire police said: "PC Webb and PCSO's Edgell and Rowe have made cracking down on drug supply and drug use in Cirencester their neighbourhood priority.

"This work falls into the neighbourhood policing model which was launched last year and we are acting on the issues that residents have raised.

"We will be working with other areas within the constabulary with an aim of deterring, detecting and disrupting drug activity in Cirencester."We are always looking at opportunities to develop intelligence which will allow us to obtain search warrants and that is why we are urging the residents of Cirencester to report such crimes."

This can be done by anonymously contacting Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or submitting information via their online form at bit.ly/2tFV74l.