THIS photo shows the injury suffered by a woman who tripped over Cirencester’s ‘invisible’ kerb.

Sally Matson, 68, from Hampshire, was visiting her sister in the town when she tripped over the kerb outside the Kings Head in the Market Place last Tuesday, injuring her arm.

Fortunately, members of the public were quick to help, calling an ambulance.

There have been numerous incidents of people tripping over the kerb in Market Place since the redesign in 2017, as its shallow and not noticeably raised.

Mrs Matson said: “May I offer my grateful thanks to the kind people of Cirencester.

“A lovely lady whose name I don’t know called the ambulance and stayed at the scene the whole time, as did a gentleman called Chris, who lives in Cirencester part of the year and part in Italy.

“Rob, a PE teacher who lives at the Wheatsheaf, what a kind, funny, reassuring person.

“The staff of the King’s Head kindly brought a cushion for my head.

“Community Support officers came, stayed and covered me with their jackets.

“The response was absolutely overwhelming, and I would like to say a heartfelt thanks to absolutely everybody.”

Thankfully x-rays showed no broken bones and Mrs Matson is now safely back home, however in the past week she says she has become paranoid about tripping wherever she goes.

She said: “Whilst lying on the pavement, two other passers-by tripped in exactly the same way, though they were lucky enough not to fall. I have written to the council with some photos of my injuries, suggesting that some way be found to highlight the shallow pavement edge.”