The road with the most footfall in Cirencester is the bypass from the hospital roundabout to the Tetbury Road roundabout.

Why is there no speed limit on this road?

There are hundreds of children/young people from the Deer Park School/Sixth form College, RAU and residents from the Chesterton Area walking up and down into the town plus in the summer holidays lots of Italian children who visit Cirencester every year and stay at the RAU.

I'm horrified there isn't a speed limit on this bypass.

Sometimes cars drive so fast they must be doing 80/90 miles per hour.

One madman in a Ferrari went up and down about four times presumably trying out his new toy.

Even the average driver comes off the roundabout and put their foot down.

My fear is that is coming down from the Tetbury side the children have the Bathurst Estate wall on one side and it would only take a moments inattention for one of these drivers to plough into a group of children and they would have nowhere to go.- Carnage.

The pavement on the other side going up the road is very frightening with a narrow pavement.

Please do something about this bypass before there's a catastrophe.

All the speed limits need looking at in and around Cirencester.

For example coming from Rendcomb there's 13 different speed restrictions.

There's a piece of road that has a limit of 30mph with just some large houses one side and fields opposite, but in Abbey Way by Rugby Club with lots of school children crossing its 40mph.

On another note, I was walking down Cricklade Street and nearly got run over.

The driver (a visitor to the town) was very upset that he hadn't seen the No Entry sign.

We had a nice chat and I pointed out where the nearest car park was.

Having just been on a trip to Cardiff i noticed their No Entry signs were huge and at the Driver's eye level.

Please address this problem before a child gets knocked over.

The town centre is just wonderful and such a pleasure to wander around.

We're so lucky.

Maybe the drivers do not realise pedestrians have priority, perhaps a few signs indicating this would help to remind them.

Also thank you so much to all the wonderful people who have created the troughs of beautiful flowers which are strategically placed at every entry to the town.

The signage is brilliant also.

A town to be proud of that seems to be buzzing and which attracts lots of visitors.

Berenice Stansfield