So, within four months of being “elected” the Liberal Democrat members of Cotswold District Council have not only given themselves a considerable pay/allowance rise, they have now cancelled another monthly council meeting due to childcare issues.

We feel this is abhorrent as they receive an allowance to offset these kinds of issues.

So, it’s either poor planning or if they really can’t make a two hour meeting a month then maybe they should consider stepping down.

It’s almost so preposterous that it is quite difficult to comment on.

We really do find ourselves at a loss for words.

The sheer audacity of giving yourself a significant pay rise and then not turning up for work really does show their true colours.

I am sure we would all love to be able to give ourselves a massive pay increase and then not turn up for work.

Big fish in a small pond springs to mind.

Very low-scale career politicians.

It really does bring across the ethos that Liberal Democrats are portraying all across the country: get the votes through unobtainable promises, confused voters and protest votes… then sit back and relax.

We in the Labour Party offer the only real alternative to this groundhog day politics.

The Conservatives have had their day.

The local population really wanted change in the last local elections and the results showed that.

Unfortunately now, the Liberal Democrats have shown their true intentions.

What happened to a fierce objection against the Chesterton Development that they promised, or the new style of politics that the Cotswolds deserve, or sorting the parking issues in Cirencester and not with half baked ideas around a multistory that will only add additional problems to our town especially around the environment, or tackling homelessness at the roots? ...all of which were issues promised to be sorted if the Joe Show was elected.

Shock of the century, the pay rise (and not bothering to actually turn up) came first.

Will Downes-Hall

Central Branch Youth officer

Cotswold Labour Party