I was appalled to read, in the Standard of August 1, that Tony Curry had applied to fill a vacancy on Cirencester Town Council and been rejected.

I have worked with Tony and was very impressed by his work ethic and devotion to our lovely town, so I would have expected him to be co-opted as a matter of course.

Unfortunately ‘Party Politics’ prevented this obvious result, and someone who, by his own admission ‘did not really know Cirencester that well’ was voted in.

Apparently, all the Lib Dems voted for a stranger to the town, who just happened to be a Lib Dem, rather than a proven citizen.

This is a distressing example of how party politics rule our lives, and so often cause decisions which are against the interest of the majority.

I do not believe that this was always the case, but it will not change unless we all show our distaste.

Roy Archer