I AM angry. Many of my neighbours are more so.

They felt that they have been misled and ignored.

I have looked at the relevant plans and have to agree.

The object of the anger is the prospective plans for the Waterloo car park in Cirencester.

They are ghastly.

Quite rightly Cirencester is becoming a destination town.

Visitors come because of the parish church, the Abbey Grounds, Corinium Museum and the interesting and varied markets held in the Corn Hall or the Market Place.

They are coming in increased numbers and that of course means the need for more parking spaces.

Despite what sceptics say Cirencester is a lively, evolving town and more drivers will need to be accommodated.

Despite difficult access I could understand but not agree with the choice of the Waterloo, but what angers everyone is the way those who live nearby have been treated.

They were told there would be just one extra storey, but what do we have not three or four?

All this makes mockery of suggestions that Cotswold District Council has consulted with residents.

Yes there have been meetings but there has not been dialogue. Only one side has been listening, and then they have been fed with half-truths.

What is upsetting is that this scenario is not uncommon.

Remember the Javelin Incinerator saga or the Chesterton development when, after countless hours of talk, all councillors voted on exactly political lines making claims of full consultation nonsensical.

No-one had listened to the well-argued case against the development.

Change is not just inevitable, in many cases it is desirable but those whom we elect should be straight forward, able to listen and perhaps even compromise.

It is no secret I wish our local government to be streamlined and for this to happen evidence is growing.

Just talk to anyone who lives near the Waterloo Car Park.

They, no not just them, but all of us, deserve better.